i can’t relate to young adult novels anymore… | color me in review

color me in is the story of nevaeh, a biracial teenager whose parents are going through a divorce. throughout the book she’s trying to find her voice and herself and what it means to be a mixed girl in today’s world. in the book we also learned about her parents story and how they met.

i love the premise of this book, however reading it was challenging for me. not because of the way the things portrayed in it, but because of the immaturity neveah had and the way she and other characters acted in the book.

neveah’s dad is a rich lawyer and she was just so spoiled sometimes it baffled me. in the book she gets bullied by a white character who constantly insults her with racists slurs and she does nothing about it and no one else does nothing and i mean, sure okay it happens in real life but you mean to tell me no one would do something??? seriously? maybe i live in canada and that’s why and things are different in new york, i don’t know. or maybe it’s that unlike neveah i’m not mixed and i have a dark skin, but i would have never let someone talk to me like that ever.

something else that bothered me was the way the author wrote one of nevaeh’s cousin: jordan. starting the book i disliked her but i ended up enjoying her. i feel like the author made her so unlikable when she was right all along. jordan thinks neveah never realizes her privilege and she’s absolutely right. this whole book was filled with neveah victimizing herself and being mad at her mom for having depression and at her dad for being an asshole.

color me in made me realize maybe young adults novels aren’t made for me anymore? i don’t know…. i started feeling this way when i read frankly in love and i just keep feeling the same. all those coming of age novels i read lately fell flat to me. it’s like something is not working —i don’t like the way the authors portray being a teenager of color, i don’t like the way the teenagers act, i find their problems too futile, the arguing too dramatic or childish, etc.

it’s just so freaking annoying to feel this way because i’m mostly a young adult novels type of person. i don’t really read new adult and i don’t feel confident enough to read adult fiction (they mostly bore me the fuck out) and so i feel stuck right now. i need something to make me love ya again.

so yeah, this was short and all over the place, but it felt good to rant lol.

do you have any young adult suggestions for someone that feels like me?

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  1. color me in has been on tbr now and its been one book i’ve been wanting to get in and i do agree on some ya coming of age book being annoying. i’m currently read i’m not your perfect mexican daughter and its annoying the fuck out of me.


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